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Family History

I am so glad you are here! I would love to meet you in person. I wanted to tell you a little bit about me and us. My name is Susie Pell. My husband is Bill. We have been married 45 years, and we have two amazing grown children, Luke and Abbie, that are super talented in their own arena. My husband is busy taking care of the grounds and his ranch business. And I cannot fail to mention Rico, Lupe, and Waylon. We believe in God and the traditional marriage between a woman and a man. Traditions is a family-owned wedding and event venue on an inherited 428 acres of Texas ranch land. The Hahns, like many Germans, migrated to this area in the late 1800s. August Christopher Columbus Hahn settled in the Bethel community of Burnet County, Texas. He had children who grew up and purchased land close to the same area. Approximately 877 acres were purchased by A.J. Hahn in 1909. His sons and daughters inherited the land, and A.J. Hahn’s son, August Christopher Hahn, purchased the land from his brothers and sisters. My husband’s mom married August Christopher Hahn (a 42-year-old bachelor) in 1966. And therefore, you know the rest of the story. My husband and his brother inherited the land and divided it into 2 parts. We love history, we love old things with a story, and we love this land and would be delighted to share a little piece of it with you for your special event.

My family, descendants of the Massey family, were also Burnet County pioneers. The Massey’s settled on the other side of the county in Oatmeal, Texas. 

Even though my husband Bill was born in Houston, we both have deep roots in Burnet County.

And Why the Wedding/Event Venue?

When I was twelve, I was still the only child at home. My two sisters were married and had moved away. Upon the coming of my parent’s 25th anniversary, we decided to give them a celebration. Neither of my sisters lived very close, so it was up to me to pull it all together. At least, that is how I saw it!! It probably wasn’t that way at all. Nevertheless, I took the job seriously and loved every minute of it. I loved the secrets, the invitations, the food, the flowers, and celebrating my mom and dad’s wedding anniversary with their close friends. I believe the passion for hospitality was born in me then, possibly a gift from God.

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I have entertained various vocations in my life, but when we inherited the land, the kids were grown, and my husband retired from a utility company, my wheels began turning about what to do next. I wanted to keep busy, and I wanted to use what God had given us to the fullest degree. As I was praying about what to do and walking one day after my husband had cleared some land, it hit me how to utilize this beautiful hill in the Texas Hill Country! A wedding and event venue, of course! No problem, haha. So, I started planning.

Life happens, and there have been a lot of bumps in the road along the way, but I wouldn’t do it any differently. Therefore, Traditions was born and is a work in progress, just like us! It will go up in phases. Phase 1 is a wide-open space with a 5000 square foot slab and a beautiful black and white pavilion on the hill where you can see miles and miles of Texas Hill Country. It’s simple. It’s a blank canvas. It’s large enough for 250 guests! I would love to show you around and help you through the process. I am very thankful and blessed for what we have and all the family that so lovingly left this to us. I am also very thankful for my present family and their help in getting this going. If you are interested in using this facility at the Construction price, please give me a shout.